How To Use


Once you are in the website, enter your desired search criteria. The more specifications that you enter into these fields, the narrower your search results will be. Below is detailed information on how each field works:

  • P#: If you know the P# of the property that you are looking for, please enter it here.
  • Partial Address: If you are looking for a specific property, type any part of the property address into this field. The system will pull up all of the properties that meet the criteria entered. The more of the address that is entered, the narrower the search results will be. For example: If you want to see if there is anything on Broadway Street, just enter “Broadway” and everything on Broadway will be shown. You don’t need to enter St, St. or Street.
  • Beds: If you enter 3 in the Beds “from” column and nothing in the Beds “to” column, any properties with 3 or more bedrooms will be shown in your search results. If you enter 3 in the Beds “from” column and 4 in the Beds “to” column you will get properties with 3 and 4 bedrooms. If you only want to see properties with 3 bedrooms, enter 3 in the Beds “from” column and 3 in the Beds “to” column.
  • Living SF (SF means square feet): If you want to search for properties with 1000 SF or more, just enter 1000 in the Living SF “from” column. If you want 1000 – 2000 SF, then also enter 2000 in the Living SF “to” column.
  • Lot SF: Same as Living SF above.
  • Asking Price: If you want to search for properties within a specific asking price range, please enter the prices (in whole numbers) in the Asking Price (from) and Asking Price (to) fields. For example: If you want to search for properties within a $900,000 - $1,200,000 price range, enter 900000 in the Asking Price (from) field and 1200000 in the Asking Price (to) field.
  • Select Status: You can choose as many or as few of the shown options. To view pocket properties only, please check the Pocket Property box. For more information on what each means, please see Terminology of the South Bay Hotsheet.
  • Select Type: You can choose as many or as few of the shown options. For more information on what each means, please see Terminology of the South Bay Hotsheet.
  • Select Cities and Zip Codes: You can choose as many or as few of the options shown.

After entering your search criteria, click “Search” on the bottom of the web page. The search results will be shown. You will find the P#s along the left hand column of the results page. Click on the P# to pull up the “Property Details” page.


This feature was created to make it very easy for you to keep an eye on particular properties, without having to do a formal search for them each time.

  • Click on the P# of any property that you wish to view more information about. Another screen will pop up titled “Property Details”. All of the details about the selected property will come up on the screen.
  • If it is a property that you would like to watch, click on the “Add To Favorites” symbol next to the blue “Property Details” tab on the screen. The will turn into a and the words “Successfully Added” will pop up.
  • To view your list of favorite pockets at any time, click on the “Favorite Pockets” symbol above the Client Portal Tab on the top right hand portion of your screen or the “Favorite Properties” tab. A list of your favorite pockets will be shown.
  • Click view next to the Property # to pull up the property details page for that property.
  • To delete the property from your “Favorite Pockets” list, simply click on the symbol next to the Property # (i.e. 324)
  • To get out of this screen, click on the “Search Properties” or the “New Search” tab.


  • Enter your desired search criteria for the type of property that you are looking for (just like you are doing a new property search).
  • Once the search results are shown, scroll up to the Saved Search Options box.
  • Enter a name for your Saved Search that will help you to easily identify the search criteria (i.e. Your Last name – 3-4bd SFR 90277)
  • Enter in your email address in the CC: field and select your agent in the Please CC: my agent field.
  • Then, click on “Save Search”.
  • You will see a pop up that says that your search has been saved. Click OK.
  • You can view all of your saved searches at any time by clicking on the “Saved Search” tab on the “Search Properties” page. A list of all of your saved searches will be shown. Click view to see the results for a specific saved search.
  • To edit or modify the search criteria for a saved search, simply click on the (edit) symbol next to saved search and change your search criteria. Then, click the blue “Saved Search” button to save.
  • To delete a search from your saved search list, simply click on the  (delete) symbol next to saved search.
  • When a property changes status (i.e. asking price changes), you will receive an email notification about this change. If none of the properties in your search have changed status, you will not receive an email.


Please note that having properties researched for you is not a function of the website. Our realtors will personally perform the research for you.

  • If you identify a certain property that you would like more information about, please take note of the P# for the property.
  • Please contact your agent and provide them with the P#. This will allow them to research the property on your behalf.
  • It may take 1-5 business days for a property to be researched. If you have a long list of properties that need to be researched, this may take longer. Please ask your agent for the approximate research time length when you submit a list.


  • 2-3 Units

    2-3 residential units.

  • 4 Units

    4 residential units.

  • 5-15 Units

    5-15 residential units.

  • 16+ Units

    ​16 or more residential units.

  • SFR

    Single Family Residence (as opposed to a condo or townhome or duplex).

  • Type

    The classification of the property. The property use that the property is currently zoned for. Please see 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, 5+ units, Condo/Twnhse, SFR and Commercial for more information.

  • Assessors Parcel Number

    Assessor Parcel Number (APN). All properties have a unique property number (comparable to a person’s SS # or a Car’s VIN #).  Assigned by the County.

  • Commercial

    Property is zoned for commercial use.

  • Condo/Townhouse

    Property is either a Condominium or a Townhouse.  County Tax Records do NOT differentiate between the two.  If you can’t figure out which one it is by doing on-line research or driving by, then call your real estate agent to research it.

  • Land

    The property is vacant land. Addition research may need to be done to find out what can be built. An agent can find this out by contacting the city.

  • MLS

    Multiple Listing Service. This is where Realtors list all properties for sale.

  • N/A

    The information is either Not Available or Not Applicable at this time.

  • No Longer a Foreclosure

    The property was in foreclosure, but the loan is now current or has been paid off.   Most of the homes coded “NLF” go in and out of foreclosure more than once, so we keep them on the Hotsheet because statistically, an “NLF” property will be for sale soon, OR, the current owner may even be open to selling now.

  • Notice of Default

    A Notice of Default (NOD) is the first official notice that a home is in foreclosure. It is recorded usually 3-6 months after owner stops making payments. The length of time that passes between the owner not making payments and the lender filing an NOD, differs greatly depending on the lending institution.

  • Notice of Trustee Sale

    A Notice of Sale (NOS) is also known as a Notice of Trustee Sale.  It is filed 22+ days after the Notice of Default (NOD) is filed. A Trustee Sale date is set for the property anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months from the date of this filing. A large majority of property owners are in negotiation with the bank to get this date pushed back as far as possible and renegotiate the terms of their loan. If a property owner is unable to short sell their property or renegotiate their loan, their property will eventually go to the Trustee Sale. If the property is not bought at the Trustee Sale, the property goes back to the bank and becomes an REO.

  • P# (or Property #)

    The P# is an number generated by our www.SouthBayHotsheet.com system. This is one way to easily identify a property. If you have a question about a property or would like us to do research on it, just reference the P#.

  • Pocket Property

    Pocket Properties are NOT in foreclosure, but currently or will be for sale soon. There are two types of “Pockets.”  Some are already listed by a Realtor, and some are not.  Either way, the property is not on the MLS.  For a variety of reasons, the address is confidential.  You must call us for this information.

  • REO (Bank Owned)

    An REO (Real Estate Owned) is a property owned by a bank/lender.

  • REO on MLS

    REOs that are currently listed for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

  • REO not on MLS

    REOs that are not currently listed for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

  • Sold

    The property recently sold and no longer available.

  • Status

    The current category or position that the property is in. Please see the definitions under Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, REO on MLS, REO not on MLS, No Longer a Foreclosure, Pocket Properties and Sold for a better understanding of what each one means.

  • Trustee Sale (TS)

    The foreclosing lender often hires a third party, called a trustee, to handle the logistics of the foreclosure process and commence the Trustee Sale (TS). The TS is usually held outside of a courthouse or another type of public place. The person on-site auctioning off the properties is the “auctioneer”. A Buyer at a TS must have a cashiers check available to pay for a property at the auction. There are no disclosures about the property and are not guaranteed a clear title (the property may have liens against it that need to be paid).  The TS is also referred to as an “auction” since there are sometimes multiple bidders. Many times the announced TS of a particular property is postponed or canceled.

  • Zillow Link

    Link that takes you directly to www.zillow.com. This is a national database that shows you the estimated price of virtually all residential properties.  Be aware website uses formulas, not appraisers or Realtors, to determine the suggested value.  Therefore the values can be as much as 25% off the mark!