Why Choose South Bay Hotsheet

Why Choose South Bay Hotsheet

At South Bay Hot Sheet, we go above and beyond to research properties for you that are NOT YET AVAILABLE on the multiple listing service. For any buyer, having one site that organizes and tracks hundreds of pocket properties is a dream, and is truly an indispensable resource in the search. In providing this free service, we only hope to be given the opportunity to represent you now, or someday in the future. While you may be inclined to assume that this is certainly too good to be true, we guarantee that no payment is required for this service.

When we first began the South Bay Hot Sheet, the housing market was experiencing extreme challenges and foreclosure rates were high. Therefore, tracking foreclosures was our main focus. The market has clearly changed and we have shifted our primary focus to identifying local “pocket” properties, including probates, fixers, flips, and standard sales. Pockets are NOT available on the multiple listing service, meaning our services allow you to get a firsthand look at a good deal before the public does. Pockets are not on the market for countless reasons: the seller is staging the home, or they seek the privacy of discreet marketing, or there are delays in getting the property ready for the MLS. With our help, you can get an inside look at these pockets! Please note that off-market deals receive far fewer offers than ones listed on the MLS, so you’ll experience less competition. Therefore, the price may be less!

In order to submit your request, you create a free account. While most websites will charge you a subscription fee, we promise that this service will remain free. Once you have made an account, you can search for a property through the simple-to-use form on our website. Step-by-step guidelines are provided to further simplify the process. Once you have identified a handful of potential properties, we will reach out to you and answer any questions you may have. The more information you provide us with, the better we are able to identify possible properties for you. Our experienced team of professionals is comprised of Realtors and expert distressed sale negotiators who will ensure that you are guided on the path towards success. Allow us to make your dreams come true and find the home or income property you have been searching for all this time!